#4995 add finer control of getting members
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CLI commands almost always fetch all members. This is behavior is not always what the user wants.

E.g: an IPA setup with thousands of users. ipa group-find call will fetch all groups with all members. The list of members will take some much space and fill many terminal screens that the user will have hard time determining what groups are actually there. He might not be interested in the members list at all.

1. make --no-members list public, this will speedup the group fetch because it will skip member processing
2. change default behavior of fetching members: e.g. if there is more than 100 users, the CLI will display only the number of users if there is less, it will list all of them. With new option --all-members it will list all of them regardless of the number.
3. optionally introduce option --skip-indirect-members or --no-indirect to skip indirect member processing

related to #4965

There is not enough time left in 4.2 development to do this, we have to move it to next release.


  • 91572af Make option --no-members public in CLI
  • 5f42b42 Performance: Find commands: do not process members by default


  • 5c58751 Fix: replace incorrect no_cli with no_option flag


  • f077fab Fix: topologysuffix_find doesn't have no_members option

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2 years ago

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