#4863 freeipa-client packages requires dbus-python
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Ticket was cloned from Red Hat Bugzilla (product Fedora): Bug 1185132

This has probably never come up as dbus-python is required by almost everything
however on fresh install of a F21 cloud image i yum installed freeipa-client
and ran ipa-client-install to get:

[fedora@keystone ~]$ sudo ipa-client-install
There was a problem importing one of the required Python modules. The
error was:

    No module named dbus

This was fixed by yum installing dbus-python.

It would appear this package should be listed in the RPM requirements.

This should be pretty straightforward.


  • debb997 Moved dbus-python dependence to freeipa-python package


  • f5352a8 Moved dbus-python dependence to freeipa-python package

Metadata Update from @mkosek:
- Issue assigned to mbabinsk
- Issue set to the milestone: FreeIPA 4.1.3

6 years ago

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