#4524 [RFE] Views: Automated migration tool from winsync
Closed: Fixed None Opened 9 years ago by tbabej.

One of the major use cases for ID Views is migration from sync solution (winsync based), where users get UIDs and GIDs assigned by FreeIPA - see #3318.

In the migration procedure, admin needs to create a idoverride for each such group and user in the default view, and then delete the original synced user/group entry.

There should be a command or a a separate tool to convert the synced users to idoverride objects in the default view.

This is bigger effort for which there was not enough time in 4.1, so I am moving it to later release.

Unlink from downstream bug as ticket was postponed.

Tomas found extra time to work on this feature, bumping priority.


  • 0cb87fc winsync-migrate: Add initial plumbing
  • 4c6ff80 winsync-migrate: Add a way to find all winsync users
  • 2104e07 migrate-winsync: Create user ID overrides in place of winsynced user entries
  • e7d7f01 migrate-winsync: Add option validation and handling
  • cf61e2a winsync-migrate: Move the api initalization and LDAP connection to the main method
  • 69c6a33 dcerpc: Change logging level for debug information
  • e6a2a67 dcerpc: Add debugging message to failing kinit as http
  • 0e11a87 winsync-migrate: Require root privileges
  • bff7a74 idviews: Do not abort the find & show commands on conversion errors
  • d584eb7 winsync-migrate: Require explicit specification of the target server and validate existing agreement
  • 7017d9e winsync-migrate: Delete winsync agreement prior to migration
  • e9a3b99 winsync-migrate: Rename to tool to achive consistency with other tools
  • 19d62e9 winsync-migrate: Move the tool under ipaserver.install package
  • f8d1458 winsync-migrate: Include the tool parts in Makefile and friends
  • 6462530 idviews: Fallback to AD DC LDAP only if specifically allowed
  • 1993581 man: Add manpage for ipa-winsync-migrate
  • e5fe79a winsync_migrate: Migrate memberships of the winsynced users
  • 8d30feb winsync_migrate: Generalize membership migration

Metadata Update from @tbabej:
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- Issue set to the milestone: FreeIPA 4.2

7 years ago

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