#4392 [RFE] automate setting of /etc/sudo-ldap.conf by ipa-client-install
Closed: Fixed None Opened 10 years ago by moriwaka.

Currently configuring /etc/sudo-ldap.conf is manual operation.
I think some option of ipa-client-install to configure /etc/sudo-ldap.conf will help newbie admins(like me).

Good question. From FreeIPA 4.0, ipa-client-install will automatically configure sudo integration via SSSD (ticket #3358). So right after client installation, your users will be able to run your configured sudo commands AND the sudo data will be cached by SSSD, just like other user data. This makes additional sudo-ldap.conf configuration redundant.

Does that work for you?

Nice! I can wait FreeIPA 4.0 comes Fedora, and it backported into RHEL7 (as in RH BZ #924395).
Thank you.

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