#4289 OTP online help refers to invalid commands
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# ipa help otptoken
OTP Tokens

Manage OTP tokens.

IPA supports the use of OTP tokens for multi-factor authentication. This
code enables the management of OTP tokens.


 Add a new token:
   ipa otp-add --type=totp --owner=jdoe --desc="My soft token"

 Examine the token:
   ipa otp-show a93db710-a31a-4639-8647-f15b2c70b78a

 Change the vendor:
   ipa otp-mod a93db710-a31a-4639-8647-f15b2c70b78a --vendor="Red Hat"

 Delete a token:
   ipa otp-del a93db710-a31a-4639-8647-f15b2c70b78a

Topic commands:
  otptoken-add   Add a new OTP token.
  otptoken-del   Delete an OTP token.
  otptoken-find  Search for OTP token.
  otptoken-mod   Modify a OTP token.
  otptoken-show  Display information about an OTP token.

# ipa otp-add --type=totp --owner=jdoe --desc="My soft token" --all --raw
ipa: ERROR: unknown command 'otp-add'


  • 797974b Fix a typo in the otptoken doc string

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