#4282 Apply PatternFly theme on reset_password.html
Closed: Fixed None Opened 8 years ago by pvoborni.

Current theme is inconsistent with Web UI.

Patch is on review, thus moving to May queue where it should be finalized.

Implemented as a part of PatternFly adoption:


  • ff17af1 webui: remove logout.html
  • b577b3d webui: remove login.html
  • 6a8eeff webui: add PaternFly css
  • 78f026b webui: apply PatternFly login theme on reset_password.html
  • 1829fa2 webui: apply PatternFly theme on config pages
  • 5a2aed9 webui: styles for alert icons
  • f0cf2e1 webui: apply PatternFly theme on migration pages
  • b5ebdb6 webui: remove remnants of jquery-ui
  • 6b5b9a1 webui: remove unused icons
  • 563dcdc webui: remove unused collapsible feature from section
  • 7e94ee1 webui: remove unused images
  • 4333161 webui: change absolutely positioned layout to fluid
  • 0e15a28 webui: remove column sizing in tables, use PF styles
  • 3eaa69a webui: change navigation from RCUE to PatternFly
  • 2e9e579 webui: adjust styles to PatternFly
  • bcb2ce7 webui: display undo and multivalued delete buttons in input-group
  • 216e710 webui: allow multiple base section layouts
  • ad338b9 webui: change breadcrumb to PatternFly
  • 3dd34d6 webui: use h1 in facet title instead of h3
  • fc0926b webui: remove action list widget
  • c7af245 webui: add action dropdown
  • ec9539d webui: add space between action buttons's icon and text
  • be3aadd webui: remove select action
  • a98df32 webui: add confirmation to action dropdown actions
  • 4e1c0ad webui: move certificate actions to action dropdown
  • 2f3dc79 webui: move user reset password action to action dropdown
  • faf4fea webui: patternFly dialog
  • dff5f63 webui: adjust association adder dialog to PatternFly
  • f631b07 webui: activity indicators
  • 21651d9 webui: improve pagination
  • 9c1da61 webui: do not show empty table footer
  • 5499022 webui: restyle automember default group
  • 4f45e3e webui: preload automember default group select list
  • ea93590 webui: adjust login page to PatternFly
  • 74fc85d webui: use BS alerts in validation_summary_widget
  • bf9eeb8 webui-ci: select search table item - chrome issue
  • 99ed015 webui: remove old css for standalone pages
  • 5c3fd4b webui: adjust header controls alignment
  • 40a25ec webui: add search box placeholder text
  • 408457c webui: change control buttons to normal buttons
  • 05a917e webui: certificate search - select search attribute only when defined
  • 29f6093 webui: association adder dialog - change find label to filter
  • 2df5e0b webui: use dark color for facet titles without pkey
  • 841e0cd webui-ci: assert_action_list_action
  • 2af2174 webui: move host action panel actions to action dropdown
  • 254b41e webui: move service action panel actions to action dropdown
  • dd69557 webui: use normal buttons instead of link buttons in multivalued widget
  • 0fadb14 webui: move radius proxy action panel commands to header actions
  • bedd128 webui: proper alerts in dialogs
  • bc6105b webui: use propert alerts in header notification area
  • dea2da4 webui: fix search box overlap in mobile mode
  • 31df435 webui: fix layout of QR code on wide screens
  • b0a61ab webui: break long text in a code element in a modal

more specifically:

  • 78f026b webui: apply PatternFly login theme on reset_password.html

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- Issue assigned to pvoborni
- Issue set to the milestone: FreeIPA 4.0 - 2014/06

5 years ago

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