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#4239 Wait until automember-rebuild finishes

Created 4 years ago by pviktori
Modified 2 years ago

The automember-rebuild command adds the 'automember rebuild membership' task to DS, but does not wait for it to complete (despite saying 'Automember rebuild membership task completed').

There are several possibile ways to solve this:

  • Have automember-rebuild wait for the task to be done
  • Change the command summary to say the task was just started, and return the task's DN so the caller can do the polling. And add the polling to tests.
  • Both of the above, selectable by a --wait or --no-wait option

Thanks to Ludwig for the initial investigation!

I would personally simply make it synchronous and have the --no-wait option handy.

This breaks some of our CI tests (+ makes the feature actually incomplete) - Adam, please look at this one.


  • 8b91d9a automember rebuild nowait feature added
  • 3f61bba plugin registration refactoring for automembership

Additional test fix:

  • 22f0feb ipalib.errors: Fix TaskTimeout doctest

Sorry for confusion, I did not notice there is already an overarching RFE in this release - #3752. Thus removing RFE type.

2 years ago

Metadata Update from @pviktori:
- Issue assigned to amisnyov
- Issue set to the milestone: FreeIPA 4.0 Backlog

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automember-rebuild command now waits until the backend LDAP operation finishes (unless --no-wait is passed) thus making the operation more transparent for the administrator.