#419 Deduplicate code from search, associations, and DNS
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All three of these areas have the same geenral UI, and will benefit from a refactoring that makes them use common code. The common logic is:

perform a query that returns a collection of results
use the meta data to set a series of columns on a table
use the results to populate the table, including a checkbox in the first comun.
Provide an button that triggers a modal dialog for adding new elements. This is either the association dialog or the add dialog
Provide delete functionaly based on selected rows.

Columns in the result table that are primary keys of other entities should be hyperlinks to those entities.

The things that are different across these areas are:

The RPC methods called to add and delete
The object that the methods are called on

We probably need to use this table as the search results retured during the enrollment/association dialog, in order to get multi-column display. That will have the additional difficulty of filter results based on enrollment status, as well as providing another table that is the set of rows to add to the association.

We'll do this as part of whatever DNS work we need to do. search and associations are already de-duped, it is just DNS that needs work.

I deally, DNS records will use the same control as the sudo rules use for the users/group mgmgt

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