#4131 Correct AD group "test group" to "testgroup" in test script
Closed: Fixed None Opened 5 years ago by steeve.

Correct getent for the AD group to "getent group testgroup" to be consistent with the AD assumptions page

[2014-01-21T07:06:42Z ipa.ipatests.test_integration.host.Host.intel-s5000phb-01.OpenSSHTransport] <INFO>: RUN ['getent', 'group', 'test group@adposix.qe']
[2014-01-21T07:06:42Z ipa.ipatests.test_integration.host.Host.intel-s5000phb-01.cmd46] <DEBUG>: RUN ['getent', 'group', 'test group@adposix.qe']
No handlers could be found for logger "IPA"
[2014-01-21T07:06:44Z ipa.ipatests.test_integration.host.Host.intel-s5000phb-01.cmd46] <ERROR>: Exit code: 2

Metadata Update from @steeve:
- Issue assigned to tbabej
- Issue set to the milestone: FreeIPA 3.3.5 (bug fixing)

2 years ago

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