#3912 ipa-client-install: error: --server cannot be used without providing --domain
Opened 5 years ago by adelton. Modified 2 years ago

I typically IPA enroll clients for testing purposes and I know which IPA server I want to use, so I use the --server option. But I get

ipa-client-install: error: --server cannot be used without providing --domain

and since by using --server I disable the autodiscovery, I believe the --domain option is redundant.

Please consider removing this requirement.

I just realized that the domain is used in ipadiscovery.py when checking if the target DS is the target DS. It is used to find out the realm and thus to also deduct what the right DS suffix is. But maybe there is an optimization to get rid of it.

Can't we just use some sane default when the --domain option is missing? Either the --server's domain or the local client's domain. You see, when I specify the --domain value, I really have no idea what value is the correct one and I believe other users might have the same problem.

Of course, if the user knows the correct value they want to use, let them use it. But do not force them to because they are likely to get it wrong anyway.

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