#3902 [RFE] Common user experience - Structural Navigation
Closed: Fixed None Opened 8 years ago by pvoborni.

Improve UX by implementing the same patterns across applications.

This ticket covers navigation. Designs: https://uxd-rcue.rhcloud.com/patterns/structural-navigation/
FreeIPA will use 'Persistent Primary with Persistent Secondary and Tertiary Menu'

Vision: https://uxd-rcue.rhcloud.com/about/

Changing to RFE, this is not an internal task, it will affect user experience.

Petr is working on this.

Adjusting time plan - 3.4 development was postponed as we focused on 3.3.x testing and stabilization.

Adjusting time plan - 3.4 development was postponed as we focused on 3.3.x testing and stabilization.

3e0ae97 Use only system fonts[[BR]]
6b71d1a Web UI integration tests: maximize browser window by default[[BR]]
33359d2 Use fluid layout in host adder dialog fqdn widget[[BR]]
0b428b8 About dialog[[BR]]
e8c3db4 Increase distance between control buttons and facet-tabs[[BR]]
fe23350 New header spinner[[BR]]
266a39d Fix association adder dialog table-body position[[BR]]
0465602 Increase margin between facet control buttons[[BR]]
2bfe2b8 Font awesome glyphs as checkboxes and radios[[BR]]
0f1a756 Use font awesome glyph for dialog close button[[BR]]
f0b42ed Facet title status icons[[BR]]
af26018 Status widgets icons[[BR]]
c4abe3a Replace icons with the ones from Font Awesome[[BR]]
4bc1942 Font Awesome icons in header[[BR]]
40ad717 Change font-awesome to be compilable by lesscpy[[BR]]
aaf7139 Add Font Awesome[[BR]]
6f9c7eb Update jQuery to version 2.0.3[[BR]]
38cb39b Remove last usage of jQuery UI[[BR]]
2d1e8d2 Update Dojo to 1.9.1[[BR]]
bdb3095 Add style to dialog message area[[BR]]
7297171 Fix notification area[[BR]]
27bc467 username_r in password reset part of unauthorized dialog should be enabled as well[[BR]]
df7ffc5 Do not show section header in unauthorized dialog[[BR]]
bd89d80 Focus input on label click in fluid layout[[BR]]
92056a3 Display required, enabled and error widget states in fluid layout[[BR]]
f21bc7e Dojo event support in widgets[[BR]]
f6b9c7d Action list styling[[BR]]
1bea7f8 Combobox styles[[BR]]
989556e Fix search input styling[[BR]]
316309c Fix hbac test styling[[BR]]
ed6299a CSS: fix footer padding[[BR]]
e948d30 Fix padding of link buttons and labels in forms[[BR]]
68469bb CSS: fix network activity indicator position in control panel[[BR]]
727764b Fix radios behavior in automount map adder dialog[[BR]]
d58e11b Fix h1 style in dialog[[BR]]
21b7b6c Remove left-margin from details-section[[BR]]
5311518 Do not open dialog in a container[[BR]]
8eb389c CSS: make hostname in host adder dialog wider[[BR]]
2817bb5 Fix Association adder dialog styling[[BR]]
ca59f3c Fluid layout in DNS Zone adder dialog[[BR]]
31926b2 Dialog keyboard behavior[[BR]]
67d58b9 RCUE dialog close icon[[BR]]
23c0427 RCUE dialog implementation[[BR]]
d4a6f20 Do not display tooltip everywhere[[BR]]
f821d78 Use Fluid layout be default[[BR]]
ab719d6 New Fluid form layout[[BR]]
4ae69b9 Always create radio and checkbox with label[[BR]]
9a7e651 New checkboxes and radio styles[[BR]]
a85cda3 Change undo-all to regular button[[BR]]
2d9bb22 Change undo to regular button[[BR]]
7adb034 Remove jquery button usage and unify button code[[BR]]
1aeb2bb Fix action panel list styles[[BR]]
2229c32 Fix search facet table styling - bug in chrome[[BR]]
feb4226 Fix breadcrumb[[BR]]
77a56b7 Adapt password expiration notification to new navigation[[BR]]
a0d3d5a New header logo[[BR]]
3b9280c RCUE Header[[BR]]
b69d300 RCUE Navigation[[BR]]
99bdfe8 Remove jquery UI[[BR]]
9d0df91 Remove width limit[[BR]]
f18b896 Remove background[[BR]]
7f7a497 Prefer Open Sans Regular font[[BR]]
7d99273 Allow RCUE[[BR]]
5683ad9 Change menu rendering to match RCUE structure[[BR]]
8f57739 Updated sync.sh[[BR]]
cbfed87 Use RCUE fonts[[BR]]
25bd528 Delete Overpass fonts in UI root[[BR]]
7279841 Move RCUE styles to its own directory[[BR]]
3241c2c RCUE initial commit[[BR]]
3ef72bc Fix disabled logic of menu item[[BR]]

Metadata Update from @pvoborni:
- Issue assigned to pvoborni
- Issue set to the milestone: FreeIPA 4.0 - 2013/12

4 years ago

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