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#3889 ipa-replica-install: DNS check is between "host already exists" message and exit

Created 4 years ago by pviktori
Modified a year ago

In ipa-replica-install, when a host entry already exists on the master and the DNS resolution check fails, the script:

  • displays message about existing host entry
  • displays message about failed DNS check, prompt whether to continue
  • if user wants to continue, fails because of the existing host entry

This is confusing. The DNS check+message+prompt should be done after fully handling the existing host entry.

3.4 development was shifted for one month, moving tickets to reflect reality better.

Moving unfinished November tickets to January.

a year ago

Metadata Update from @pviktori:
- Issue assigned to pviktori
- Issue set to the milestone: FreeIPA 4.0 - 2014/01

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