#3670 [RFE] tool to create configurations for old legacy clients for trusts
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Given complexity of the configuration, it is advisable to create a script on IPA server that will read out existing configuration and provide generated scriplets that configure different systems.

The tool (ipa-client-advise) would accept a platform description and by looking through existing IPA configuration (search bases, configured compatibility trees) will generate a file scriptlet.

Each scriplet when run should output recommended configuration as a text on standard output or instruction to run appropriate system commands in case where direct modification of the configuration files in not possible (Solaris LDAP configuration).

Details of configuration requirements are gathered at this feature page:

Suggested user interface for the ipa-client-advise script:

 ipa-client-advise list     ---   lists supported configuration types
 ipa-client-advise setup <configuration>   ---   create scriptlet for the configuration, printed to standard output

Use name consistent with ipa-client-install, ipa-client-automount.

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