#3654 Create a freeipa-tests package
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Automatically checking out Git sources that correspond to a given RPM is problematic (for official branches) to almost impossible (for a developer's private branch).
For automated testing, we need to install IPA's test suite as a system package.

We will provide a freeipa-tests package containing an "ipatests" Python module and an "ipa-run-tests" helper.

Test should pass when installed system-wide. In particular, the test certificate should be created automatically in the home of the user that runs the tests, and the installed version of ipa-getkeytab should be used.

e87807d Add ipa-run-tests command[[BR]]
c60142e Make an ipa-tests package[[BR]]


  • 05f612e Do not hardcode path to ipa-getkeytab in tests

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