#3621 [RFE] Automated integration testing
Closed: Fixed None Opened 9 years ago by pviktori.

Write integration tests (such as: install master & replica, add user on replica, verify it's added on master). This will need an automated/generic/plugable way to manage VMs, or a way to install isolated masters/clients on one machine.

We'll use the tests in continuous integration. Ideally any developer can also run them manually.

Moving to next month bucket.

First part pushed to master:[[BR]]
780961a Add Nose plugin for BeakerLib integration[[BR]]

Second part pushed to master:

  • 226f9d6 Add a plugin for test ordering
  • c577420 Add a framework for integration test configuration
  • 353f3c6 Add a framework for integration testing
  • 00f1334 Introduce a class for remote commands
  • 5365e1b Collect logs from tests
  • 9cbd232 Show logs in failed tests
  • d84e103 tests: Allow public keys for authentication to the remote machines
  • 846ae2b tests: Configure/unconfigure remote hosts
  • a028905 Host class improvements
  • 19a0d51 Use dosctrings in BeakerLib phase descriptions
  • c47f315 Make BeakerLib logging less verbose
  • 0db6fb9 BeakerLib plugin: Log http links in test docstrings
  • 23d3fde Integration test config: Make it possible to specify host IP

Remaining issues are:

  • The existing test suite fails when run out of tree
  • The example test is failing
  • The output is too verbose for some cases

Moving open tickets to next month bucket.

Fix for example test pushed to master:

2f80855 test_simple_replication: Wait for replication to finish before checking

FreeIPA 3.3 with framework included was released, Jenkins CI was set in a VM lab. Closing the ticket, please file tickets for parts that were not done (if any).

Removing duplicate Bugzilla link.

Metadata Update from @pviktori:
- Issue assigned to pviktori
- Issue set to the milestone: FreeIPA 3.3 - 2013/07

5 years ago

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