#3569 Add an option to edit "Gecos" field from IPA web UI
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Add an option to edit "Gecos" field from IPA web UI

What is the nature and description of the request?

Currently there is no option in IPA web UI to modify existing "Gecos" field,
Add an option to edit "Gecos" field from IPA web UI (This is available in ipa
command line tool, however customer would like to have it on web UI).

Why does the customer need this? (List the business requirements here)

The reason we need access to the gecos field is that we use this field for
identifing the users in different ways. Using gecos makes it the same on all
Unix/Linux operating systems.

A big issue is that we want to have the user administration done by other than
system administrators and if they cant use the IPA web gui to do what we need,
we may need to look at another product for user administration.
We can always use the ipa user-mod commands after the user is added but this
makes it a bit more complicated for others than system administrators.

Master: e10d934 Make gecos field editable in Web UI

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