#3351 [RFE] Make ipa-upgradeconfig service manipulation more robust
Closed: wontfix 3 years ago Opened 8 years ago by mkosek.

ipa-upgradeconfig manipulates services like dirsrv, pki-ca or named and restarts them during the process. This may cause errors when the IPA server is stopped (#3350) or not all services are running.

Simo suggested that we should be smarter in these cases. We may probably store a list of IPA services that is running in the beginning of the upgrade process and make sure they are still running in the end of the upgrade process. When some process restart failed, we can try to start it again in the end.

The outcome should include a set of scenarios that one would test against, expected behavior given a set of conditions.

FreeIPA 4.2.0 removed ipa-upgradeconfig, see details in https://www.freeipa.org/page/Releases/4.2.0#Changes_to_upgrade

There were also changes and stabilizations in the upgrade process. bind-dyndb-lda- bug was also fixed. I will thus close this ticket as (supposedly) closed. Please reopen if the new upgrade procedure again fails.

Simo's proposal has not been implemented yet. Stopping and running services are handled poorly.

Currently some services, which originally were turned off, are running after upgrade.

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4 years ago

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Thank you taking time to submit this request for FreeIPA. Unfortunately this bug was not given priority and the team lacks the capacity to work on it at this time.

Given that we are unable to fulfil this request I am closing the issue as wontfix. To request re-consideration of this decision please reopen this issue and provide additional technical details about its importance to you.

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