#3166 extdom plugin does not handle Posix UID and GID request
Closed: Fixed None Opened 7 years ago by sbose.

There is some disconnect between sssd and the IPA extdom plugin about how maps a UID or a GID to a SID. Since we try to avoid explicit knowledge of the SID in the client the extdom plugin should map the IDs and the client only sends request with UID and GID. Currently those request are not handled properly.

How to test:

  • stop sssd
  • delete all ldb and memory mapped cache files, e.g. 'rm -f /var/lib/sss/mc/ /var/lib/sss/db/'
  • start sssd
  • call 'getent passwd UID_of_a_user_from_a_trusted_domain'

The getent should return the passwd entry for the user.

Rename "trusts" component to "Trusts" to achieve correct sorting.

Metadata Update from @sbose:
- Issue assigned to sbose
- Issue set to the milestone: FreeIPA 3.0.1 (bug fixing)

2 years ago

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