#3135 LSARPC conections using forked lsasd daemon fail to poerate properly with MS testsuite
Opened 11 years ago by simo. Modified 7 years ago

Not clear why this happens but if we use the forked lsasd daemon the MS-LSAT testsuite from Microsoft fails to run against samba/freeipa
The symptom according to the logs I reviewed in the labs were that for each new LSA request smbd would try to open a new pipe to the lsasd daemon instead of resuing the existing pipe where the RPC BIND was previously performing, causing the new request to run unauthenticated (and then failing with ACCESS DENIED of course).

This is probably a samba bug, and will probably need to be fixed upstream, but I am noting it here for tracking purposes.

Note that it seem that a real Windows client is not triggering this behavior so far.

Rename "trusts" component to "Trusts" to achieve correct sorting.

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7 years ago

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