#3 Review questions during installation
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Review questions during the installation. There may be a problem with asking the same question twice with differing answers, yes first then no the second. Could cause user confusion.

I used setup-ds.pl to create a 389-ds instance then ran ipa-server-install.

I'm presented with:

An existing Directory Server has been detected.
Do you wish to remove it and create a new one? [no]:

If I answer yes then the server is removed and installation continues.

If I answer no then it quits with this message:

Only a single Directory Server instance is allowed on an IPA
server, the one used by IPA itself.

Seems straightforward to me.

The only thing I can find that comes close is in the client installer. If you don't have bind configured with the service records you have to manually provide the values and you get prompted twice "is this ok" in that case:

Do you want to proceed and configure the system with fixed values with no DNS discovery? [no]: y
DNS Domain: example.com
IPA Server: lion.example.com
BaseDN: dc=example,dc=com

Continue to configure the system with these values? [no]:

Still, this is two yes answers that default to no, so I don't think this is a problem.

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