#2977 [RFE] [Web UI] Notify user about successful action
Closed: fixed 8 months ago Opened 6 years ago by mkosek.

When an action from new Web UI action lists is successfully performed, no notification is given to user and he may be confused if the action was really performed or not.

This is relevant for example for the following actions:

  • "Disable" action in user object action list
  • "Add permission" action in DNS zone action list
  • ...

We may for example add a small (may be vanishing in time) area with message taken from command result summary, i.e.:

  • Enabled user account "fbar"
  • Added system permission "Manage DNS zone 122.168.192.in-addr.arpa."
  • ...

I would not add any pop up window with this information, it would be too distractive.

Moving in based on the request from testers.

Most of the functionality:

- master: 81007ff38578588906737df3082b42fb7f2ee011
- ipa-3-0: 1ca19e7eba238ab54fb421634240e7bc384aacea

Patch for notifcation of add, update actions will follow.

Notify success on add, delete and update
- master: 6a8d6d3
- ipa-3-0: 34532a6

Reopening. We can improve some messages to be consistent and more specific. This is really not much important but it will nicer. Should be done if there is time.

Mail conversation with Endi about it:

> 1. The notification for operations involving multiple entries are a bit
> inconsistent. In the search facet deleting entries will generate
> "Selected entries were deleted." Enabling/disabling entries will
> generate "<n> items were enabled/disabled". In the association facet,
> HBAC/sudo rules, adding/deleting entries will generate "Items
> added/removed." For sudo options it's "Option/Option(s) added/removed."

To change notification we should also review confirmation messages. 
For example delete message reflect 'Do you want to delete selected items'.

I guess if we want to change it, we should make them more specific and avoid
 general words like items or entries. Btw which of the two is better?

> 2. The notification for operations involving a single entry are a bit
> consistent too, but I think this is an existing issue. If you add an
> entry the notification will say "<entity> successfully added". It
> doesn't show the primary key which may be generated by the server. As a
> comparison if you delete an entry from the details page it will say
> "Deleted <entity> '<primary key>'", and for update operation "<entity>
> <primary key> updated."

In adder dialog we should probably used the message sent by the server, as we 
do in the other cases.

> 3. Also existing issue, if you add using "Add and Add Another" the
> notification doesn't fade away, does it matter?

I don't think we should change it. Because in the time when it would fade away
 user will be filling some fields. User might be surprised by sudden move in the 

FreeIPA 3.0.0 GA has been released, moving the ticket to 3.0 bugfixing release.

Main part implemented, pushed, as you can see in comments above.

It's open to improve some text - provide more information. Existing text isn't incorrect. It's nice to
have and therefore moving to 3.2. ACKed by dpal over mail on 10/15/2012.

Changing 3.2 priority

Removing on_review flag, patch for the issue that the ticket was reopened for is not ready.

Metadata Update from @mkosek:
- Issue assigned to pvoborni
- Issue set to the milestone: Future Releases

2 years ago

Seems like most of this is done and nothing further is planned. Closing as fixed.

Metadata Update from @rcritten:
- Issue close_status updated to: fixed
- Issue status updated to: Closed (was: Open)

8 months ago

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