#2582 text unit test should validate using installed mo file & IPA custom classes
Closed: Fixed None Opened 8 years ago by jdennis.

We use custom gettext classes (e.g. GettextFactory & NGettextFactory). We should exercise those classes with an installed binary mo file to demonstrate we are actually returning the expected translated strings for all strings defined as being translatable.

The test logic in install/po/test_i18n.py was recently enhanced to make this type of testing easier and more complete. tests/test_ipalib/test_text.py should import the new i18n test support and run it.

Previously tests/test_ipalib/test_text.py made a feeble but incomplete attempt to do the above but even that was often not run because the test would skip because the necessary test files were not available unless they had been manually created in the install/po subdir. It is now possible to correct those deficiencies in the test.

Patch posted:

[PATCH 68] text unit test should validate using installed mo file

Moving to next month iteration.

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3 years ago

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