#2373 [RFE] Delete button on Details (etc) facets
Opened 7 years ago by admiyo. Modified 5 months ago

Currently, the only way to delete an entity is by searching for it and then dleeting it. However, a very common use case is to realize that an entity is no longer needed from some link, clicking through (which brings you to the details facet or one of the association facets) and confirming that you want to delete it. At this poi9nt, there should be a button on the same slevel as the update button, but far enough removed from it that someone cannot delete th entity by accidentally clicking on it. Clicking that button should bring up a confirmation dialog box. Upon success, naviaget back to the search page for that entity.

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This is still valid. Some details facets has a delete button. Some do not. Including tests, it's probably a medium sized ticket.

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