#2249 [RFE] Editable user-specific Kerberos ticket policy
Opened 8 years ago by edewata. Modified 6 months ago

Currently the Kerberos ticket policy that applies to a user is shown as read-only in the user's details page. There should be an interface to modify (krbtpolicy-mod) and reset (krbtpolicy-reset) the policy for this parcticular user. The current interface in Policy -> Kerberos Ticket Policy is for the global policy.

The policy consists of 2 fields: max renew and max life. The fields should be changed into text fields so they can be edited. The fields should be saved when you click the Update button on the top of the page. There should be a new 'Action List' area on the right side of the Kerberos Ticket Policy section that contains a 'Reset policy' link. When clicked it should show a confirmation dialog box. After confirmed it should show the new policy values.

Since we have a Bugzilla, moving to NEEDS_TRIAGE again to re-target.

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3 years ago

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