#2124 [RFE] Provide more specialized replica modification tool.
Opened 7 years ago by shanks. Modified 2 years ago

During system integration test day for IPA winsync, we came across a test case where we had to use the --win-subtree option. We tried to run this over an existing established agreement and this failed.

As per the documentation: "IPA does not currently support modifying the default synchronization container while you are creating the synchronization agreement. You can, however, change the container after the agreement has been established. To do so, you can either modify the dse.ldif file directly (ensure that you stop the directory server before editing this file), or use ldapmodify to change nsds7WindowsReplicaSubtree."

Instead of asking users to use ldapmodify or edit dse.ldif manually, we should provide a more specialized replica modification tool.

Metadata Update from @shanks:
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2 years ago

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