#2106 Create a way to reinstall a host and force fetching of the new keytab
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Is there a 'nice' way to reinstall a host? i.e. The host has already
been installed in FreeIPA and for whatever reason I need to reinstall
the OS, so I have a clean system and the host is already enrolled on
the server.

ipa-client-install fails with "Host already enrolled" and I have to
connect to an enrolled client, remove the host, and then return to
install the client.

Would it be possible to have a '--reinstall' option to
ipa-client-install? It wouldn't have to add the host into IPA, just
configure the files and get the keytab.

Looking at the manpage, maybe I'm just looking for the --force option
to force the config files, and ipa-getkeytab. Is there anything else I
need to do?



I am not sure I agree that this is a duplicate. I think there are two different use cases.

Use case 1:

The client configuration got corrupt in some way but it is same instance of the OS that we are trying to revive the client on. This is what the ticket #1609 is about.

Use case 2:

There is a completely new image of the OS that needs to be re-enrolled. The system does not have any trace of the client yet. This is this bug.

I have a proposed patch for this issue.

It will check for return code 13 (host already joined) and run ipa-getkeytab to try to reacquire the keytab file.

Patch can be obtained here:

feedback appreciated!

Changing 3.2 priority

I think we addressed this issue so adding back to needs triage.

Agreed that it is a dup of #3482

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- Issue assigned to rcritten
- Issue set to the milestone: FreeIPA 3.2 - 2013/04-05 (GA)

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