#1967 Document client IP addressing / FQDN requirements
Closed: Fixed None Opened 10 years ago by myllynen.

Currently ipa-client-install man page states about IP addressing / hostname only that:

             The  hostname  of this server (FQDN). If specified, the hostname
             will be set and the system configuration will be updated to per-
             sist  over reboot. By default a nodename result from uname(2) is

But if one runs ipa-client-install without --hostname on a client-to-be using using dynamic IP / hostname from corporate DHCP/DNS without MAC binding then eventually the client's IP address and hostname will change causing issues on the client, e.g., with Kerberos.

Manual page should clearly state that a static hostname for clients is needed.

This is not a critical bug, moving to February to distribute efforts better in current milestones.

Patch freeipa-mkosek-216-add-client-hostname-requirements-to-man.patch sent for review

Patch freeipa-mkosek-253-fix-help-of-hostname-option-in-ipa-client-install.patch sent for review

Replaced word "server" with "machine" to clearly distinguish between IPA server and other machines (clients) and to also match the help with ipa-client-install man pages.

master: 4d66cc0[[BR]]
ipa-2-2: 0457210

Metadata Update from @myllynen:
- Issue assigned to mkosek
- Issue set to the milestone: FreeIPA 2.2 Core Effort - 2012/02

5 years ago

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