#1709 Enhance DNS documentation
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Tickets #1114, #1125 and #1126 should be fixed with an enhancement to DNS documenation (attached).

Hey, Martin.

The intro is updated here:

I have your doc in, with one change. All of the stuff for editing the /etc/named.conf file, I broke into a separate section:

That is some really good info, and I wanted to make it more prominent and easy to find. People tend to skim the overviews and not refer to them as much.

If you could review it and let me know if it looks all right, that'd be great.

Looks great! I have just one more change: Persistent search (psearch option) is only available on Fedora so we should clear all references to it in RHEL version of the doc.

Then I have found a wrong Description of zone_refresh in Table 10.2.

I would also enhance section 10.2. Configuring DNS with the new important zone update options:

  1. --zone-refresh=INT
  2. --zone-notif (Fedora only)

I added them to the section:

They're the last two bullet points. The example only uses --zone-notif. I assume that only one or the other would be used at a time, not both?

Looks good. And yes, only one option can be used at a time.

Metadata Update from @mkosek:
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- Issue set to the milestone: FreeIPA 2.1.2 (bug fixing)

3 years ago

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