#1676 [ipa webui] inconsistency in error msg
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Description of problem:
The error msg is not consistent for similar type of error. Please check screen shot for details.

In short: This error appears under "Policy"->"Password Policy"
When user edits "Max lifetime (days):", 
(1) if user enter non-integer such as "abc" and click "Update", the error dialog says "invalid 'krbmaxpwdlife': must be an integer"
(2) if user enter "-1" , and click "Update", the error dialog says "invalid 'maxlife': must be at least 0"

We should not use different label (krbmaxpwdlife and maxlife) refer to same text field.

The same type of error found for all fields under "Password policy"
In addition to "Password policy", Kerberos ticket policy has same type of error
Label "maxrenew" and "krbmaxrenewableage" used for same field "Max renew"

There might be more such type of error in other areas.

Version-Release number of selected component (if applicable):
[i386.a yi@dhcp-118 ~/Desktop] rpm -qa | grep ipa-server

How reproducible:

Steps to Reproduce:
1. go to ipa web ui
2. go to "Policy" -> Password Policies (tab) click on "global policy"
3. make change to any field , use example data listed above.

Additional info: please check screen-shot

The message in the error dialog is actually generated by the server, so this ticket is a duplicate of Bugzilla #718015. However it uncovers some UI issues:

- The message in the red box is generated by UI based on client-side validation against metadata. Entering a negative value should have generated a warning. In widget.js:92 when the minvalue is 0 it's considered false so the minvalue is not validated. Both minvalue and maxvalue should be compared against 'undefined'.

- If any value fails client-side validation the UI should block the update, either by disabling the link or showing an error message. The adder dialog does this check, but the details facet doesn't.
- master: 950a5da34d3b89ae23cf8834d501233bda831f9e
- ipa-2-1: a6cf44bd6538788a20fd6021b802443d4b0c63d9

Metadata Update from @dpal:
- Issue assigned to pvoborni
- Issue set to the milestone: FreeIPA 2.1.1 (bug fixing)

3 years ago

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