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#1630 ipa-ldap-update hangs, install hangs

Created 6 years ago by jdennis
Modified 8 months ago

While trying to upgrade my f15 test vm with the ipa 2.1 release candidate ipa-ldap-update hung and prevented the install from proceeding. Note, yum was upgrading a lot of new packages at the time including 389-ds, pki-code, xmlrpc-c curl, all the ipa packages, etc.

The ipaupdate.log file showed this as the last entry:

INFO Creating task to index attribute: memberHost

Rich M. examined the 389-ds logs and logged in and attached to the 389-ds process in gdb to diagnose but was unable to ascertain anything (in part because the 389-ds debug packages were not installed.

We also tried to perform an ldap search using ldapi (because during the update ports are turned of) to examine the tasks, but after 389-ds authenticated the directory manager the ldap search also hung.

backtrace of all threads in 389-ds when hang occurred

This seems to be related to

Risk seems low enough that not changing our plugins to use pthreads RW lock is acceptable for now, pushing to 2.1.1.

The 389-ds team is working on a fix for the memberOf plugin.

Rich thinks there is still a remote possibility of this happening but much less so since Nalin switched to pthread read-write locks. The IPA plugins changed as wel.

Keeping open for now but risk is considered low.

Dropping priority and pushing to 3.0. This is mostly a tracker to await 389-ds modifying its internal read/write locks.

This has not been seen since its first report. Closing until it is reproduced again.

8 months ago

Metadata Update from @jdennis:
- Issue assigned to rcritten
- Issue set to the milestone: FreeIPA 2.2 Core Effort - 2012/01

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