#1089 Nested roles not working
Opened 8 years ago by edewata. Modified 2 years ago

Nested role is defined in role.py:

    attribute_members = {
        'member': ['user', 'group', 'host', 'hostgroup'],
        'memberof': ['privilege', 'role'],
        'memberofindirect': ['role'],
    reverse_members = {
        'member': ['privilege'],

This definition is propbably incomplete. There is no CLI command to add/remove nested roles. In the UI there's an association facet for nested roles, but adding/deleting nested roles doesn't work.

We want to keep low level capability to add nesting if it is required down the road. For now it should not be possible to nest in UI/CLI. So we should do some cleanup.

The UI for nested role is temporarily removed in #1092.

Create a separate ticket to support nested roles and put it into differed.

Ah Ok this is actually the ticket to handle the nested roles properly. Deferring till later time.

Metadata Update from @edewata:
- Issue assigned to rcritten
- Issue set to the milestone: Tickets Deferred

2 years ago

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