ee4c0f0 Disable nss-p11-kit crypto policy for tests

Authored and Committed by cheimes 2 years ago
    Disable nss-p11-kit crypto policy for tests
    NSS 3.40 and 3.41 enable p11-kit proxy. The PKCS#11 proxy loads all
    PKCS#11 providers including the default SoftHSM2 token. On Fedora 28
    OpenLDAP is patched to use Mozilla NSS. Because the SoftHSM2 token is
    protected, the OpenLDAP function tlsmc_extract_cacerts() blocks because
    it is waiting for PIN.
    Delete the p11-kit policy and regenerate crypto policy.
    OpenLDAP debug output:
    TLSMC: MozNSS compatibility interception begins.
    tlsmc_intercept_initialization: INFO: entry options follow:
    tlsmc_intercept_initialization: INFO: cacertdir = `/etc/dirsrv/slapd-IPA-TEST'
    tlsmc_intercept_initialization: INFO: certfile = `(null)'
    tlsmc_intercept_initialization: INFO: keyfile = `(null)'
    tlsmc_convert: INFO: trying to open NSS DB with CACertDir = `/etc/dirsrv/slapd-IPA-TEST'.
    tlsmc_open_nssdb: INFO: trying to initialize moznss using security dir `/etc/dirsrv/slapd-IPA-TEST` prefix ``.
    tlsmc_open_nssdb: INFO: initialized MozNSS context.
    tlsmc_convert: INFO: trying with PEM dir = `/tmp/openldap-tlsmc-slapd-IPA-TEST--CFD75CD2496FD947611EE486C199DB7DE06AF86D5CD28715BAD24414827D1987'.
    tlsmc_convert: WARN: will try to create PEM dir.
    tlsmc_prepare_dir: INFO: preparing PEM directory `/tmp/openldap-tlsmc-slapd-IPA-TEST--CFD75CD2496FD947611EE486C199DB7DE06AF86D5CD28715BAD24414827D1987'.
    tlsmc_prepare_dir: INFO: creating a subdirectory `cacerts'.
    tlsmc_prepare_dir: INFO: successfully created PEM directory structure.
       ***NSS 3.40 BLOCKS HERE***
    tlsmc_extract_cacerts: INFO: found cert nick=`Server-Cert', _not_ a trusted CA, skipping.
    tlsmc_extract_cacerts: INFO: found cert nick=`Self-Signed-CA', a trusted CA.
    Signed-off-by: Christian Heimes <>
    Reviewed-By: Thomas Woerner <>
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