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Commit c84d920 Make httpd publish its CA certificate on DL1

1 file Authored by stlaz 2 years ago , Committed by mbasti 2 years ago ,
Make httpd publish its CA certificate on DL1

httpd did not publish its certificate on DL1 which could
cause issues during client installation in a rare corner
case where there would be no way of getting the certificate
but from a HTTP instance.

Reviewed-By: Martin Basti <>

 1 @@ -175,8 +175,7 @@
 2           self.step("importing CA certificates from LDAP", self.__import_ca_certs)
 3           if autoconfig:
 4               self.step("setting up browser autoconfig", self.__setup_autoconfig)
 5 -         if not self.promote:
 6 -             self.step("publish CA cert", self.__publish_ca_cert)
 7 +         self.step("publish CA cert", self.__publish_ca_cert)
 8           self.step("clean up any existing httpd ccache", self.remove_httpd_ccache)
 9           self.step("configuring SELinux for httpd", self.configure_selinux_for_httpd)
10           if not self.is_kdcproxy_configured():