6a2dfde Let Bind track data changes

Authored and Committed by mkosek 9 years ago
    Let Bind track data changes
    Integrate new bind-dyndb-ldap features to automatically track
    DNS data changes:
     1) Zone refresh
        Set --zone-refresh in installation to define number of seconds
        between bind-dyndb-ldap polls for new DNS zones. User now
        doesn't have to restart name server when a new zone is added.
     2) New zone notifications
        Use LDAP persistent search mechanism to immediately get
        notification when any new DNS zone is added. Use --zone-notif
        install option to enable. This option is mutually exclusive
        with Zone refresh.
    To enable this functionality in existing IPA installations,
    update a list of arguments for bind-dyndb-ldap in /etc/named.conf.
    An example when zone refresh is disabled and DNS data change
    notifications (argument psearch of bind-dyndb-ldap) are enabled:
    dynamic-db "ipa" {
            arg "zone_refresh 0";
            arg "psearch yes";
    This patch requires bind-dyndb-ldap-1.0.0-0.1.b1 or later.
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