5c0e7a5 keytab: Add new extended operation to get a keytab.

5 files Authored by simo 7 years ago, Committed by mkosek 7 years ago,
    keytab: Add new extended operation to get a keytab.
    This new extended operation allow to create new keys or retrieve
    existing ones. The new set of keys is returned as a ASN.1 structure
    similar to the one that is passed in by the 'set keytab' extended
    Access to the operation is regulated through a new special ACI that
    allows 'retrieval' only if the user has access to an attribute named
    ipaProtectedOperation postfixed by the subtypes 'read_keys' and
    'write_keys' to distinguish between creation and retrieval operation.
    For example for allowing retrieval by a specific user the following ACI
    is set on cn=accounts:
    (targetattr="ipaProtectedOperation;read_keys") ...
     ... userattr=ipaAllowedToPerform;read_keys#USERDN)
    This ACI matches only if the service object hosts a new attribute named
    ipaAllowedToPerform that holds the DN of the user attempting the
    Reviewed-By: Nathaniel McCallum <npmccallum@redhat.com>
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