2a69d05 Spec file: use %autosetup instead of %setup

Authored and Committed by frenaud a year ago
    Spec file: use %autosetup instead of %setup
    This change fixes rpminspect issues reported when building
    for RHEL, like the following one:
    Patch number 1001 (1001-Change-branding-to-IPA-and-Identity-Management.patch)
    is missing a corresponding %patch1001 macro, usually in %prep.
    Waiver Authorization: Anyone
    Suggested Remedy:
    The named patch is defined in the source RPM header (this means it has a
    PatchN: definition in the spec file) but is not applied anywhere in the
    spec file.  It is missing a corresponding %patch macro and the spec file
    lacks the %autosetup or %autopatch macros.  You can fix this by adding
    the appropriate %patch macro in the spec file (usually in the %prep
    section).  The number specified with the %patch macro corresponds to the
    number used to define the patch at the top of the spec file.  So Patch47
    is applied with a %patch47 macro.
    Signed-off-by: Florence Blanc-Renaud <flo@redhat.com>
    Reviewed-By: Francisco Trivino <ftrivino@redhat.com>
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