211f6c9 Stop and disable conflicting time&date services

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    Stop and disable conflicting time&date services
    Fedora 16 introduced chrony as default client time&date synchronization
    Thus, there may be people already using chrony as their time and date
    synchronization service before installing IPA.
    However, installing IPA server or client on such machine may lead to
    unexpected behavior, as the IPA installer would configure ntpd and leave
    the machine with both ntpd and chronyd enabled. However, since the OS
    does not allow both chronyd and ntpd to be running concurrently and chronyd
    has the precedence, ntpd would not be run on that system at all.
    Make sure, that user is warned when trying to install IPA on such
    system and is given a possibility to either not to let IPA configure
    ntpd at all or to let the installer stop and disable chronyd.
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