#13 [Combined patch] All patches we're carrying downstream at Fedora for the sticky notes server
Closed: Fixed None Opened 10 years ago by ankursinha.


We're carrying quite a few patches downstream (11 of them!). Please find a combined patch attached. These patches:

  • update fpaste for use with sticky notes (nick, private, password, graceful error handling, expire option update, syntax options, remove smotl code)
  • improve detection of kde
  • add url shortening

I've tested them out and fpaste seems to work fine. If more bugs crop up, I'll try and patch them and submit the patches upstream too.

Since the sticky notes server doesn't support a description/title, I've removed that option too.

I host a github repository with all the changes for convenience here: https://github.com/sanjayankur31/fpaste

Pending items: move from /var/log/messages to journalctl for AVC denial stats in selinux in --sysinfo

Warm regards,[[BR]]

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