#10 fpaste --sysinfo , better/safer detection of KDE
Closed: Fixed None Opened 10 years ago by ankursinha.

I currently run
fpaste --sysinfo

on my f19 kde box, and I see:
* Desktop(s) Running (ps -eo comm= | egrep '(gnome-session|kdeinit|xfce.?-session|fluxbox|blackbox|hackedbox|ratpoison|enlightenment|icewm-session|od-session|wmaker|wmx|openbox-lxde|openbox-gnome-session|openbox-kde-session|mwm|e16|fvwm|xmonad|sugar-session)' ):

It would be better to grep for the string "startkde" instead of "kdeinit" there as a more reliable and safer way to identify a kde plasma-desktop session.

While you're at it, may as well add string "startactive" for plasma-active sessions too.

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