Fedora Packaging Committee

Welcome! This is the pagure instance for the Fedora Packaging Committee.

The pagure repository is used to store source of Packaging Guidelines, track related issues and accept changes via pull requests.

For more information on the committee and its processes, see the page in the main Fedora wiki here.

You can view the actual packaging guidelines here.

Packaging Guideline Development

Building and viewing the guidelines locally


  • make
  • podman
  • python3

Run following commands and open http://localhost:8000/

$ make
$ make serve


Antora is used for managing the various documents which comprise the guideliens and integrating them into the rest of Fedora Documentation.

The guidelines themselves are written in AsciiDoc. Some useful information about AsciiDoc can be found below:

Conventions and Preferences

The Packaging Committee tries to follow the following, and it is preferred that pull requests do the same.

  • Use Semantic Line Breaks to make diffing simpler.
  • Prefer[here] over link:[here]
  • Prefer [#some-ref] over [[some-ref]]