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389 Directory Server

389 Directory Server is a highly usable, fully featured, reliable and secure LDAP server implementation. It handles many of the largest LDAP deployments in the world.

All our code has been extensively tested with sanitisation tools. As well as a rich feature set of fail-over and backup technologies gives administrators confidence their accounts are safe.


The 389 Directory Server is subject to the terms detailed in the license agreement file called LICENSE.

Late-breaking news and information on the 389 Directory Server is available on our wiki page:


Build Requirements (as of 2020-02-12)

nspr-devel nss-devel perl-generators openldap-devel libdb-devel cyrus-sasl-devel icu libicu-devel pcre-devel cracklib-devel libatomic clang gcc gcc-c++ net-snmp-devel lm_sensors-devel bzip2-devel zlib-devel openssl-devel pam-devel systemd-units systemd-devel libasan cargo rust pkgconfig pkgconfig(systemd) pkgconfig(krb5) autoconf automake libtool doxygen libcmocka-devel libevent-devel python3-devel python3-setuptools python3-ldap python3-six python3-pyasn1 python3-pyasn1-modules python3-dateutil python3-argcomplete python3-argparse-manpage python3-libselinux python3-policycoreutils rsync npm nodejs nspr-devel nss-devel openldap-devel libdb-devel cyrus-sasl-devel libicu-devel pcre-devel libtalloc-devel libevent-devel libtevent-devel systemd-devel


autoreconf -fiv
./configure --enable-debug --with-openldap --enable-cmocka --enable-asan
make lib389
sudo make install
sudo make lib389-install

Note: --enable-asan is optional, and it should only be used for debugging/development purposes.

See also: https://www.port389.org/docs/389ds/development/building.html


make check
sudo py.test -s 389-ds-base/dirsrvtests/tests/suites/basic/

To debug the make check item's, you'll need libtool to help:

libtool --mode=execute gdb /home/william/build/ds/test_slapd

More information

Please see our contributing guide online: