Custom Bootstrap CSS theme for Fedora Apps.

Setting up

Clone the repo:

git clone https://pagure.io/fedora-bootstrap.git

Install NPM:

sudo dnf install npm

Install deps for building in NPM

npm i

Editing & Trying out the theme


All changes to the theme are done via files in the src/ directory. When building the CSS, the upstream bootstrap is pulled down as a dependency and then combined with the overrides and additions in the src/ dir.

Try it out

Follow the setting up instuctions above, then run

npm run watch

This will create a webserver at http://localhost:3000/ for you to see the test implementation with the current theme displayed. Any changes to the source will rebuild the Sass into new CSS and will change in the browser.

Building Dist files for use

To build the final CSS files, run:

npm run build

and the created dist directory will contain the JS / CSS files (both minified and not). Note, that previously, the javascript was also rebuilt manually here, but now we just use the stock bootstrap.bundle.js for the javascript. The build script simply copies this to the dist directory.