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A mini CLI tool to automatically generate user activity graps using datagrepper
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A simple CLI to tool to gather statistics from datagrepper


This tool will help anyone to pull statistics of any registered Fedora user with an active FAS account.


This tool usesargparse to parse arguments. This can be used in two ways, one-liner / interactive method. The interactive mode can be enabled by using the --interactive or -i flag. This mode of usage does not require any additional argument. Please not that the arguments passed (if any) will be invalid.

One-liner uses the classic argument parsing method to generate output. This is useful for automating the report generation process. The only mandatory argument is --user / -u which takes the FAS username as input.

python --user=nobody or python -u nobody will generate text based statistics of user nobody from datagrepper.


--interactive / -i

  • Launches the tool in interactive mode. Does not require any further arguments.

--user / -u

  • Takes any FAS Username as argument. There is no default value and the tool will throw an error if this argument is left blank/not used.

--weeks / -w

  • Takes an integer value to represent number of weeks. Converts it into timedelta. (1week = 604,800 seconds). Default value is 1.

--mode / -m

  • Takes a single word string input. Supported input modes are : json, text, csv, markdown, svg and png. The default value is text. (More features will be added soon)

--category / -c

  • Take a single word string input. This will define the category for which deeper analytics are required. Some example categories : pagure, irc, mailman, etc.

--output / -o

  • Takes a single word string input. This will define the output file name. This option is to be combined with the --mode/-m argument. Please note that this option DOES NOT require an extension type. For instance, if you need an SVG output with the name nobody.svg, the --output flag should be set as nobody and not nobody.svg. the default value is stats

File naming convention

All files generated by this tool are systematically named to avoid confusion. Combined with the file extension, there won't be two files with similar file names, hence preventing unexpected over-writes.

The naming convention is as follows :

  • All the main report files (i.e : Category Overiew), text files are named as <username>_main.<extension>

  • The sub-category report (i.e the Category bar-chart) is named as <username>_<category>.<extension>

  • The further category interaction report (i.e The sub-categories chart) is named as <username>_<category>_<sub_category>.<extension>


  • Generate statistics of user nobody for a week and view the text logs :

python --user=nobody

  • Generate statistics of user foo in .svg format :

python --user=foo --mode=svg

This will create stats.svg in your $pwd.

  • Generate statistics of user foo in .png format with output name as foo_stats.png

python --user=foo --mode=png --output=foo_stats

Basic Troubleshooting :

Please take a look at this blog-post.