Openshift Templates for a Fedora Jenkins Service in CentOS CI


  • An Openshift Installation
  • Static VMs to host the various slaves covering:
  • Current Enterprise Linux Releases
  • Current Fedora Releases
  • A SSH keypair for communicating with the agents

Getting Started

  1. Make a new project in openshift

    # oc new-project fedora-infra --description=Fedora Infrastructure
  2. Assuming a folder with the appropriate ssh keypair, create an openshift secret which will be mounted on the jenkins master for communicating with the agents

    # ls ./jenkins-ssh-keypair
    agent-id_rsa     agent-id_rsa.pub
    # oc secrets new jenkins-agent-ssh ./jenkins-ssh-keypair/
  3. Instantiate the Openshift Template using the jenkins-template.yml file in this repo

    # oc create -f jenkins-template.yml
  4. Make a new app, and point it at this repository (this is hard-coded in the template for now)

    # oc new-app jenkins-persistent