Custom Bootstrap theme for Fedora Apps

Setting up

Clone the repo:

git clone https://pagure.io/fedora-bootstrap.git

Install NPM:

sudo dnf install npm

Install deps for building in NPM

npm i

Editing & Trying out the theme


All changes to the theme are done via files in the src/ directory. When building the CSS / JS, the upstream bootstrap is pulled down as a dependency and then combined with the overrides and additions in the src/ dir.

Try it out

Follow the setting up instuctions above, then run

npm run start

This will create a webserver at http://localhost:8000/ for you to see the test implementation with the current theme displayed.

Building Dist files for use

To build the final JS and CSS files, run:

npm run build

and the created dist directory will contain the JS / CSS files (both minified and not)