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bf54659 coreos: use Vue render function instead of templating

Authored and Committed by rfairley 9 months ago
    coreos: use Vue render function instead of templating
    Use the render() function rather than Vue templating, and use the
    Vue runtime-only build [1]. This is so that the eval() function, which
    the CSP blocks, in the Vue full build is not used. Conversion of
    previous template logic to using `createElement()` is done accordingly.
    Drop generated runtime JS files that are not needed anymore, which were
    added in a9fb7591b4a77a9c4baca6f3e8fbb0405a2f71fd.
    Also improve the general structure of the code, by adding a `streamDisplay`
    data member, which holds display information for the downloadable images
    in each section. This structure is populated whenever stream data is
    refreshed, by `loadStreamDisplay()`. The `render` function then reads
    from `streamDisplay`.
    Finally, some minor tweaks to spacing and text are made on the page,
    however the page renders largely the same as before.
    [1] https://vuejs.org/v2/guide/installation.html#Runtime-Compiler-vs-Runtime-only
    Signed-off-by: Robert Fairley <rfairley@redhat.com>
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