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Copr is a Fedora community build service in Fedora that builds your open-source project and creates your own RPM repository.

See Copr workflow.

Using Copr

Learn how to use Copr and how to create RPM packages on the Fedora Developer Portal.


Copr builds of:

Documentation of:

Local Testing Environment

You can use Vagrant to run your local test environment. We currently support frontend and dist-git.

$ git clone
$ cd copr
$ vagrant up

Good news, everyone! From now on, you can additionally run backend in a docker container. This makes it possible to build a package by using our COPR stack but solely on your machine. Mainly useful for development. Makefile is provided for easy manipulation with the backend Dockerfile and the afterwards created docker image.

$ cd copr/backend/docker
$ make build && make run

For more information see our wiki page.

Unreported tracebacks of client tools.