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A ticket queue for Fedora SCM admin requests | https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Changes/ArbitraryBranching
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A ticket queue for dist-git requests and a repository for Bugzilla assignee overrides

Tickets For "dist-git" Requests

All tickets must be submitted using fedrepo-req. This allows other tooling to programmatically process tickets in a format it expects.

Repository Structure

The root of the repository contains a list of directories representing the namespaces in Pagure over dist-git (e.g. rpms). Within those directories, YAML files will be named after components. The contents of those YAML files will be in the format of a dictionary, with each key being an option for the repo.

Bugzilla Assignee Overrides

This repository is used to override the default Bugzilla ticket assignees on a component in a product (e.g "Fedora EPEL" or "Fedora"). By default, the Bugzilla ticket assignee is the main admin of the component (e.g. rpms/python-requests) in Pagure over dist-git.

To override the default assignee in Bugzilla, find/or create the YAML file that configures the repository you want to set (e.g. rpms/python-requests). The bugzilla_contact key in the YAML file is used to override this with a dictionary, where each key represents a product (e.g. "Fedora EPEL" or "Fedora"). Each value should specify the FAS username or FAS group (groups are signified by starting with a "@") of the default Bugzilla ticket assignee for the component in that product.