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Greenwave is a service to decide whether a software artifact can pass certain gating points in a software delivery pipeline, based on test results stored in ResultsDB and waivers stored in WaiverDB.

Quick development setup

Set up a python virtualenv:

$ sudo dnf install python-virtualenv
$ virtualenv env_greenwave
$ source env_greenwave/bin/activate
$ pip install -r requirements.txt
$ pip install -r dev-requirements.txt

Install the project:

$ python develop

Run the server:

$ python

The server is now running at http://localhost:5005 and API calls can be sent to http://localhost:5005/api/v1.0.

Adjusting configuration

You can configure this app by copying conf/ into conf/ and adjusting values as you see fit. It overrides default values in greenwave/

Running test suite

You can run the unit tests, which live in the greenwave.tests package, with the following command:

$ py.test greenwave/tests/

To test against all supported versions of Python, you can use tox::

$ sudo dnf install python3-tox
$ tox

There are also functional tests in the functional-tests directory. The functional tests will start their own copy of the ResultsDB, WaiverDB, and Greenwave applications and then send HTTP requests to them. If you have a git checkout of all three projects, you can run the functional tests like this (adjust the paths as appropriate):

$ PYTHONPATH=../resultsdb:../waiverdb:. py.test functional-tests/

Building the docs

You can view the docs locally with::

$ cd docs
$ make html
$ firefox _build/html/index.html

Copyright and license

This project is copyright Red Hat and other contributors, licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 or later. See the COPYING file for the complete text of the license. Refer to the git history for complete authorship details.