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listens to fedmsgs coming out of the atomic host CI pipeline,
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Listens to fedora-messaging messages sent by the Fedora CI pipeline running in and uploads them to a specified resultsdb.

Get it running

sudo dnf install python3-fedora-messaging
  • Adjust the fedora-messaging example configuration with your own uuid
sed -e "s/[0-9a-f]\{8\}-[0-9a-f]\{4\}-[0-9a-f]\{4\}-[0-9a-f]\{4\}-[0-9a-f]\{12\}/$(uuidgen)/g" conf/ > dev_config.toml
  • Run the consumer:
PYTHONPATH=. fedora-messaging --conf dev_config.toml consume

Run the tests

  • Install tox:
sudo dnf install python3-tox
  • Run the tests:
tox .